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The Ultimate EDC is This Tiny Bag

You may not expect much from the small zippered Accessory Bag from Topo Designs. But as a slim wallet, it adds everyday carry ability goes far beyond credit cards.

This is an older video I made about the benefits of using a little zippered bag as your wallet. I still totally stand by that. I rotate out other wallets, but often still use this exact model from Topo Designs. I verified they're still for sale in a bunch of colors. I like this Khaki/Forest color way.

馃洅 Topo Designs Micro Bag:

馃洅 Fisher Space Pen:
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馃洅 Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool:
馃洅 Leatherman Skeletool:
馃洅 Paracord:
馃洅 Bongo Ties:
馃洅 Cable Ties:

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