Jackson and Lunation Lab

I've always had parallel tracks in digital media and design. I have a degree in film production which has encompassed most of my career. But I've continuously pursued a broader array of work and personal projects involving many aspects of design. My brain is always seeking to organize and optimize things. I love analog gadgets and natural materials. For me, design is just thoughtful blueprinting, putting care into the human experience, utility, and effects of anything created.

Design is thoughtful blueprinting.

In 2017, I created Lunation Lab as a project to make kits of iron-on vinyl patterns to upcycle clothes. Then I designed and prototyped a modular shoulder strap that could be adapted to carry things. Over the years, I've used the brand for different experiments.

Lunation Lab creates compelling stories around original design projects.

So now in 2024, I am re-launching Lunation Lab as a design studio and blog. Our primary mission is to create compelling stories around original design projects. Some of those ideas will hopefully get built and solve real problems. There's work to be done, and it's worth being thoughtful.

Coverage to expect:

My Vision for the Website

Social media is only getting worse. Ads, shopping, algorithms. As it becomes more extractive, the experience suffers for creators and viewers alike. The only real solution is to take back power and declare some independence from the platforms.

Therefore, I’m trying out this format: a free, but members-only blog and newsletter.

The Blog Renaissance

In pursuit of crumbs of monetization, most blogs became circuses of ads and AI-written garbage. But they can be amazing. Websites have huge potential as a home for media with great custom experiences. The business model just needs a reset.

Video Isn't Everything

The platforms heavily push video. Even though it’s my background, it’s just not always the best way to tell a given story. Here I can make digital media however I want. Even if that is often video, it doesn't need to be vertical! Phew.

Emails Are Actually Great

Email is open. No one company controls it. It’s the best way for us to keep in touch outside of social media. Take some time to unsubscribe from annoying marketing emails, subscribe to Lunation, and we can make your inbox a happier place.

How does this work?

The blog is hosted here, at lunationlab.com. Subscribe and you'll get a verification email. Click that and it'll log you into the website, where you can access the members-only stories. That'll also subscribe you to the newsletter, which gets sent on the first Monday of the month.

Both are powered by Ghost, a really cool open source and independent platform.

Will you start charging for membership?

At some point when I’m happy with the content library, I’ll add a paid tier that’s predominantly a donation. But I don't intend on charging for core stories. I’d like to avoid advertising. I might make products. I want to make this my job, but we'll see how far that gets us.

Are you still posting on YouTube?

Right now I'm going to post videos on YouTube about a week after they go up on the website. I don't want the pressures of the platforms acting as an editor over my work, but I still want to grow and keep that as an option. Come here to watch videos ad-free with other companion content.

Do you make the things you design?

When feasible I'd like to make or prototype things, which is totally possible in some domains like stationery. There's a few reasons why I don't always make things.

  1. My focus is on design as a craft on its own, and I don't want to design constrained by production.
  2. I have pretty crippling anxiety around harsh chemicals and things like that, which often comes up in DIY projects.
  3. I can collaborate with other more skilled creators to make my designs, which I sometimes release under a permissive license for you to do yourself.

The Newsletter

I'm starting up a newsletter to compile recent posts and bonus quick stories. I really think newsletters can be a great place to actually house content, not just stuffed full of marketing and links. It'll be delivered the first Monday of the month for all members. Sign up and you'll be included when it launches.

Film and Photo Work

With Lunation back up and running focused on design, I've separated my film and photography work to my portfolio site, jacksoncasimiro.com.


Feel free to reach out with any inquires to hello@lunationlab.com.

Experiments in Design

Lunation Lab is a blog roleplaying as a design studio. I create original projects in products, interiors, stationery–anything thoughtful designed. It's members-only, but free. Monthly newsletter. High-quality video. Learn More.