Content & License Policies


As for the actual products of my design, I will distribute those selectively under Creative Commons licenses as I see fit. They may have requirements about attribution, adaptation, and commercial rights. Please be familiar with the licenses and which work they apply to before making any derivative work. Unless otherwise stated, for my videos, Lunation Lab's name and branding, and all other work, I reserve my rights as a creator and copyright owner, but do see my React Policy below.

React Policy

Despite some content being members-only, you can react to my content with transformative critique and criticism, for educational purposes, etc. under the legal standard of Fair Use, regardless of my wishes.

However, my opinion is generally open to good faith react content that gives me appropriate attribution. If I feel my content is used in bad faith not under the principles of Fair Use, I reserve my rights as the creator to take action.

AI Policy

It's my opinion that training AI models on my content is not Fair Use, and I absolutely do not appreciate it. The legal precedents are still being worked out, but I do not condone my work being harvested and used for training AI models in any context.

Experiments in Design

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