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The Seasonal Food Wheel

I designed a graphic to display the seasonality of produce, which can help you eat tastier, more nutritious food.

The Seasonal Food Wheel

I love organizing information. Multiple variables. Relationships between items. Organized data can be visualized through graphic design, and for a long time I've thought about tackling the seasonality of produce.

I'm kinda obsessed with how we've industrialized away the realities of nature in the name of convenience. In the face of climate catastrophe, we'd do well to reassess the comforts we expect, which often has other consequences beyond pollution. One of those comforts is the universal availability of all produce.

When you eat produce in season, it's grown closer to home, supporting your local farmers and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation. That shorter farm-to-table time means fresher, tastier food, and studies show it's more nutritious. Today I'm sharing a quick graphic design study seeking to colorfully represent iconic seasonal produce.

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