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Creating Recessed Lighting on a Budget

We take on a crash-course on indirect lighting and 12V light strips, and how to make them feel premium in your house. That leads us to making illuminated baseboards.

Update May 2024

Some commenters on YouTube were curious about how the design has held up for cleaning. Two years later it's still doing great. It hasn't collected much dust. I've never really cleaned it. The only thing is that the white hair from my cat can collect in dust bunnies and roll back there. I just use the arm of a vacuum to grab them.

Here's a couple photos, which also show the gap between the baseboard and the wall. Since it's not attached to the wall, that gap is going to vary based on the bowing of your board, and the drywall that's not always straight. In my case, the gap at the thickest is about 8mm, and doesn't look far off the wall at a normal viewing angle.

Preventing Wood Splitting

Commenters have also pointed out that I should have drilled pilot holes to keep the wood from splitting. That's totally right. I didn't have drill bits at the time and just spaced on laying that out as the solution. I just picked up something like this. Thank you for pointing that out.

Quick tip to avoid the splitting of the wood. Drill pilot holes in the wood before using the wood screws. Pilot holes are drilled with drill bits that are typically the diameter of the screw minus the threads. Seems like more steps but it goes quick. And since the base board was mdf you only need the pilot holes in the wood.


Project Materials:

馃洅 Light Strip: link
馃洅 Power Supply: link
馃洅 Baseboard: link
馃洅 Corner Moulding: link
馃洅 Screws: link
馃洅 Wire: link
馃洅 Dimmer: (Broken link, I need to find a new one.)
馃洅 Barrel Connector: link

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